Profile of Creatives: Danny Geschardt

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“My artwork is a direct reflection of who I am, what I have experienced, and where I have traveled. Painting gives me the ability to speak in ways that otherwise, for me, are not so easy. It’s a time I feel most fulfilled and can just let go.”

Danny Geschardt, a self-taught artist, is known for filling canvases with passion and life. Danny began his carrer in New York City, overseeing the showroom and production of well known fashion designer, Zoran. Danny’s experience in the fashion industry has helped shape is artwork today allowing him to experiment with color and textures of fabrics, he uses the same kind of approach when layering his canvases. His work is abstract and textural. He uses mixed mediums of acrylic and oils and occasionally charcoals and pastels. Two of Danny’s beautiful pieces can be found in our shop. Danny will happily work with us to create a commission in a specific palate or size.



1417 Walnut Street, Suite D, Des Moines, Iowa 50309 | (515) 288-7777