Profile of Creatives: Reagan Geschardt

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Profile of Creatives - Reagan Geschardt

Regan’s passion for painting began when she was young and continued while studying at University of Alabama under well- known Abstract Artist Alvin Sella. After studying abroad in Florence, Italy, she knew painting would lead her throughout life. Regan’s artwork is filled with her appreciation for her classroom studies, European travels, and her love for the arts and artists alike. Regan’s use of color and mixed mediums enables her work to speak volumes. Her expressions are vividly exposed through her wide range of brush strokes, colors, shapes, and textural layers allowing one’s eye to move effortlessly throughout her canvases.

Relocated from Naples, Florida to New Vernon, New Jersey Regan’s pieces will always be inspired by the tropical warm tones of her home town. Here work is featured in several prestigious home stores on the east coast. We are thrilled to include her work in our shop. Reagan is happy to work with us to create a commission just for you.



1417 Walnut Street, Suite D, Des Moines, Iowa 50309 | (515) 288-7777