Salon Style

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Art has forever been an addiction of mine as I majored in Art History and interned at both the Met and a print gallery in New York. A common issue amongst many art collectors is where to hang one’s growing and potentially extensive collection. The eponymous gallery wall is becoming more popular these days as it encourages one to acquire more art. Hanging a collection of works on one wall in either a preconceived and organized fashion or a more eclectic and haphazard way is a very effective statement whether the artwork is framed consistently or not.

Before the gallery wall became an Instagram sensation, I had installed many art walls this way. Historically, in the art and design worlds, a wall filled with artworks from floor to ceiling was known as a “salon-style” installation. This is in reference to the official art exhibition of the “Academie des Beaux Arts” in Paris, beginning in the late 18th century. This bi annual exhibit became known as the “Salon de Paris” and was the first occasion where art was displayed for public viewing. The walls of these salons were covered in artwork, varying in styles and sizes, which became an inspiration for today's gallery walls.

When choosing a location for a gallery wall, keep in mind it is best concentrated in one area of your home. The stair wall or a hallway is ideal, however, a gallery wall can also look fantastic in a dining or living room.

If you have many works of art, it can be very helpful to layout the pieces on the floor keeping consistent space between each one. Then take a photo of the layout so that you can imitate it on the wall. Another useful tool is to trace and cut out each piece from craft paper. This method will give you the flexibility to try many different arrangements before making a commitment.

 Here are some examples of successful “Salon Style” walls!


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